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Who is TACK?

TACK is the insane fever dream of two people: Z and Erik.

Who is Z

Z is also known as Miss Z, Mistress Z, or InvictaButterfly. Her pronouns are She/Her. She takes care of all the day to day TACK stuff, the people-related tasks, and the computer-related tasks. TACK is originally her vision, her dream. She has been on fetlife since May 2018, though she went to non-local kink parties for several years before then. She is a Domme/Dominatrix, a Switch, an Owner and a Handler. Her passion is talking with people, learning everyone's kinks, passions, and stories. You will often hear her asking "How can I help?"

Who is Erik

Erik is also known as Ponyboy_Fenrir, Fenrir for short. His pronouns are He/Him. He is saddled with all the physical labor required for events. He is the workhorse. He has been on fetlife since June 2011. He is also a Pony, a Pup, a Submissive, and a forever DM (Dungeon Monitor) for our big events. His passion is the outdoors and nature.

Our Volunteers and Helpers

We are very fortunate to have people willing to arrive early and stay late to events, helpful DMs and door greeters, and so many wonderful people who support our vision.