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  2. No alcohol or drugs. Kink play is sober play. If you seem under the influence, you may be asked to leave.
  3. Guests must provide an active FetLife name, a photo id with DOB, the entry fee, a signature that they agree to our house rules and waiver, and be marked as "Going" on the event page.
    1. Do not come if you are experiencing symptoms of a cold, the flu, or covid, or if you have been exposed to someone who is sick within the past 5 days.
  4. No payment for sexual services will be tolerated.
  5. No pictures except by a Dungeon Monitor (DM). Cell phone cameras will be covered with a sticker.
  6. Please do not bring or create drama at the event. If you do, you may be asked to leave.
  7. Privacy and discretion are to be respected. All information about party activities, attendees, etc. is to be considered confidential.
  8. DMs have the final word and can remove anyone at any time.
  9. If you are new, tell the event staff and DMs. They will show you around and answer questions.


  1. No guns on the premises.
  2. No smoking or vaping inside the venue.
  3. Keep noise to a reasonable level. Continuous, loud screamers will be asked to put a gag in it.
  4. No oral sex, penetration, or body fluids. No genital stimulation with the intent of orgasm. This is NOT a sex-positive venue. Please be respectful of this.
  5. No breaking of skin or blood play.
  6. Vanilla-wear is required anytime you are outside the main play space.


  1. Do not touch people or their toys without permission, including casual-seeming touches.
  2. Do not assume that anyone you meet is single, available, or wants to play with you.
  3. Do not involve yourself in a scene without an invitation. Be aware of how far behind the top the scene extends. If they are throwing whips or floggers there is a large space behind needed.
  4. Do not interrupt active scenes with loud talking and laughter nearby or talking to those in a scene.
  5. No naked butts on chairs, bring a towel or blanket to sit on between scenes.
  6. Be respectful to everyone. Just because someone is A sub does not mean they are YOUR sub.
  7. Do not kink shame. Keep an NMKBIOIIY attitude. “Not My Kink But It’s Ok If It’s Yours.” This applies to other areas of thought too, including political leanings, religions, sexual orientation, etc.
  8. If you see or hear something that offends you or that you cannot handle, walk away quietly. If something seems unsafe, talk with a DM about it. DO NOT interrupt the scene yourself.
  9. No harassment, personal attacks, or similar obnoxious or cruddy behavior. Be good people.


  1. Check equipment for damage before use. Notify DM if any is found.
  2. Be respectful of the equipment while using it. Do not sit on the ends of the massage tables, that is where they are weakest and could break.
  3. Do not monopolize one piece of play furniture all night. Be aware that others might want to play, too.
  4. Clean up after yourselves. Wipe down equipment when you are done. Cleaning wipes will be supplied.
  5. Only suspend from items made for suspension, climbing, or towing. When in doubt, ask a DM.


  1. If you are doing any edge play, or unusual play (such as fire play), inform the DM first. They may want to assign someone to be nearby for assistance, have the fire extinguisher handy, or cover corners on tables or equipment, etc.
  2. Always be aware of risks:
    1. PRICK (Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink): Everyone needs to take personal responsibility for their actions or inactions in a scene.
    2. RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink): Kinky activities are inherently risky, which means they cannot entirely be safe, and that you must be aware of those risks to consent to kinky activities.
    3. SSC (Safe Sane & Consensual): Safe, sane, and consensual emphasizes the safety of BDSM activities and being mentally able to consent to those activities.
    4. Hurt not harm: This idea recognizes that someone may be temporarily hurt during BDSM play but that this should not result in long-term harm.
  3. Event safe words:
    1. Green: Good to go, keep going, all is well.
    2. Yellow: Pause, give a breather, communication break, a little lighter.
    3. Red: All Stop, scene ending. Can be said by any party in a scene. If you hear red, stop the scene immediately or be asked to leave the event.
    4. All Stop Red: All play stops for the entire party. To be used in case of emergency.
  4. Always play sober. Those under the influence of substances cannot always feel pain levels accurately or control how hard they hit.
  5. Never leave a restrained bottom alone. Always be able to react quickly if your bottom is in distress.
  6. Communicate well. Kink is about communication. Talk about your scene goals, your experience level as a top or bottom, known risks or health issues, etc.
  7. Aftercare. Both bottoms and tops may need aftercare. Make sure you discuss aftercare needs.
  8. Responsibility:
    1. Top: Always make sure your bottom can communicate their safe word/squeak/signal.
    2. Bottom: Use your safe word/squeak/signal when needed. Do not let the top unintentionally do you harm. They do not consent to that.


In the event of an accident or injury, you will hold harmless the venue, the host of the party, and anyone involved in organizing the event. Take responsibility for your own actions. Emergency personnel will be called if required.

By signing this registration, you are agreeing to these rules and accepting that you are responsible for your own actions and the actions of any guests that you may bring.

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Printed Legal Name: ___________ Ph #: ___________
Signature: ___________ Date: ___________